Invest in $500M hedge fund

We help small investors access a $500M hedge fund and generate up to $550/month in passive income by holding one NFT. We invest 80% from the sale of our NFTs in one of Pantera Capital’s funds, where the minimum investment starts with $100K and return the interest as passive income to our NFT holders.

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Welcome to Investment Academy

IO Investment Academy is a full-time project and 5-year investment plan to bring a profit up to $30k with one NFT in 5 years. We invest 80% from the sale of the NFTs in a $500M hedge fund and return the interest to our holders as passive income. The investment plan is for 5 years but you can stop whenever you want and take the profit you made until that point in USDC.

The hedge fund that we will invest in has declared an average internal rate of return of 105% per year over the last 8 years. The fund is managed by Pantera Capital. The first U.S. institutional asset manager (since 2013) focused exclusively on blockchain.

How Does it Work?

Through IO NFTs you hold the ticket to accessing the largest blockchain-focused hedge fund in the US. Each 4880 NFTs represents a share of the investment in the fund and generates passive income for its holder.



If you are lucky you have the chance to mint a Golden Card. The Golden Cards are the rarest NFTs in our collection and have a unique utility.

Each golden card will generate an additional passive income of $400 per month for its holder for 1 year from the mint day.
Anyone has the chance to mint a Golden Card regardless of the NFTs selling stages. The Golden Cards minters will also receive a gold-plated figurine of their NFT.

Holders will receive a free 3D playable character with their NFT to use in Metaverse

The high-quality design of our NFTs will ensure you’ll be able to use them in multiple Metaverses. We will release OBJ and FBX files to use your character across platforms.


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  1. 0% | Multiverse Beings

    4880 High Graphics 3D Unique NFTs Creations

    A handful of successful entrepreneurs and investors are joining forces with experienced artists and tech geniuses to create the highest quality NFTs possible to be your unique playable characters in multiple metaverses which also offers you unmatched real-life utility.
  2. 10% | Marketing Strategy

    The World must Know who We are

    We have created multiple marketing strategies to make this project well known. If you're here, it means we did a good job. Working with people’s brands and companies generating exposure to the IO Investment community. To reach our goal we'll do a massive marketing campaign, the world must know who we are.

  3. 20% | Golden Cards

    Great Art comes with Great Utility

    Each golden card will generate an additional passive income of $400 per month for its holders for 1 year from the mint day. Anyone has the chance to mint a Golden Card regardless of the stage of the sale. The Golden Cards holders will also receive a gold-plated figurine of their NFT.

  4. 30% | The Fund

    Our favorite Holding period is Forever

    If you think blockchain technology is here to stay, this is the project you need. We established all the details, our company is eligible to invest in the chosen hedge fund. After the last stage of sale is over and all the paperwork is done we will transfer the funds and make the investment.

  5. 50% | $IO Ecosystem

    We Rise by Lifting Others

    The passive income is distributed to the community through our community token $IO. Each NFT holder will be airdropped with the value of the passive income in $IO tokens depending on the performance of the fund. The holders can turn the $IO into USDC on our website at any time.

  6. 60% | NFT Staking

    If you Want to go Quickly, go Alone. If you Want to go Far, go Together

    By staking your NFT, you become eligible to receive passive income. Once staked, you will start to earn credit that will give you the chance to invest in future opportunities.

  7. 70% | Courses   Workshops

    The Best Investment you can Make is in Yourself

    Before starting your own project or starting to invest by yourself, we think you should start by investing in yourself. That’s why we will offer our community training courses and workshops in the field of business, investments, and crypto. The courses will be held by international trainers, and experts in the fields of NFT, Crypto, Financial Education, Real Estate, and Investing.

  8. 80% | VC Bank (DAO)

    Get your One million $ Idea Financed

    The VC Bank (DAO) will be founded with royalties funds. Each month we will add 70% of the royalties funds to the VCBank. Everyone in our community who owns at least 1 NFT has the chance to get his project financed.

  9. 90% | Drop the Merch

    Selfless Giving is the Art of Living

    We want to do something different with the Merch. We will partner up with a merch brand with over 100K on Instagram to create unique statement items.

  10. 100% | RoadMap 2.0

    Alone, We can Do so Little. Together, We can Do so Much

    Be ready for the RoadMap 2.0

Here we are

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What is IO Investment Academy?

IO Investment Academy is the first DeFi NFT project based on fractional investment which will help small investors to gain access to a large blockchain-focused hedge.