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The World's First Fractional Investment Platform


The first collective investment will be in Pantera Capital, an institutional asset manager with a global portfolio comprise of companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, Polkadot, and more.

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Fractional Investing in Blockchain Technology

IO Investment Academy is the first NFT based project to develop a fractional investment platform that offers you the opportunity to build a profitable investment portfolio formed by investments vetted by financial experts.

Now, you can pool your funds with other retail investors and gain access to private investment opportunities from the Blockchain Industry, previously limited to wealthy investors due to minimum investment requirements.

To access the investment platform you will need to own at least one NFT from our collection, out of a total of 4880 NFTs that will be minted shortly.

First Investment

Our investment analysts have identified Pantera Capital as the best opportunity for our first collective investment, due to the sturdy and well-diversified portfolio managed by them. As the first U.S institutional asset manager, they’ve backed over 200 projects since their debut in 2013.

Now, the company manages around $5.1 billion in blockchain assets, split between a global portfolio of over 100 blockchain companies. Many of them are cornerstones of the blockchain ecosystem: Coinbase, Polkadot, Ripple, and many more.

World's First Fractional Investment Platform Accessed by NFTs

By pooling capital through our investment platform, retail investors can act as one large investor, which allows them to earn high returns by accessing the private investment opportunities that they might not have been able to access as individuals before.

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NFT Utilities








If you are lucky you have the chance to mint the Golden Card. The Golden Card is the rarest NFT in our collection and has a unique utility.

The Golden card will generate an additional passive income of $800 per month for its holder for 1 year from the mint day. Anyone has the chance to mint the Golden Card regardless of the NFTs selling stages.


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  1. 0% | IOIA 4880 Genesis NFTs - Q1

    4880 High Graphics 3D Unique NFTs

    A handful of successful entrepreneurs and investors joined forces with experienced artists and tech whizzes to create the first DeFi NFT project. Each NFT is unique, algorithmically generated from over 248 traits.
  2. 10% | Presenting the Investment Strategy - Q2

    Get Access to Verified Investments

    Our team of investment analysts has spent months researching the best possible first investment for our retail investors, developing the most profitable investment strategy possible. Our strategy is built upon a strong foundation of research and risk reduction.
  3. 20% | Start Developing the Fractional Investment Platform - Q2

    Great Art comes with Great Utility

    Powered by DAO technology, we are developing a fractional investment platform that will allow retail investors to join forces and chase sizable returns, by investing together in private investment opportunities that had previously been limited to large institutional and private investors.
  4. 25% | The Cornerstone of IOIA Ecosystem - NFT Mint Day - Q3

    Our favorite Holding period is Forever

    The IOIA NFTs grant you access to the fractional investment platform and puts you on the fast track to enjoy the exclusive benefits of membership in our community. The collection consists of 4880 NFTs which act as your access card to the IOIA Ecosystem.
  5. 40% | Courses & Workshops Worth $40,000 - Q3

    We Rise by Lifting Others

    For one year, we will offer our community free training courses and workshops worth $40,000 to teach members how to invest money more effectively. We want our community to know how to identify, pick, and choose worthwhile investment opportunities.
  6. 50% | Develop The $IO Ecosystem - Q4

    Encrypted Monetary System

    Our token is a revolutionary piece of technology central to our investment platform. The $IO token is the best solution to deposit/withdraw funds to the investment platform and distribute the interest earned from the investments to the retail investors.
  7. 60% | Launching the Fractional Investment Platform - Q4

    If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

    The fractional investment platform is a tool that offers you the opportunity to earn great returns by investing with other retail investors in big investment opportunities that are selected and reviewed by our team of investment analysts. The Platform is Now LIVE!”
  8. 70% | Founding our NFT Holders Projects - Q4

    Get your One million $ Idea Financed

    Everyone in our community who owns at least 1 NFT has the chance to get their project financed. We will be investing $50 000 to $100 000 in our holders' projects. Our community members will vote on the projects to be invested in.
  9. 80% | First Investment - Q1 2023

    Timing is Everything

    The investment team has analyzed the market cycles over time and decided that the first investment needs to be made in Q1 2023. The reason for this decision is that in a bear market cycle, prices usually bottom out at the beginning of the year.
  10. 90% | Presenting the second Investment Strategy - Q1 2023

    Build a Profitable Investment Portfolio

    We will make our second investment six months after we make the first. Our plan is to make two investments per year. It takes time to build a good investment portfolio and become financially free, but we will help you accomplish that to the best of our ability.
  11. 100% | Our Final Goal

    Alone, We can Do so Little. Together, We can Do so Much

    By now, we offer retail investors access to the high value investments in the market. Our final goal is to build our own portfolio of blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies. As we grow, we hope to attract more and more people to the world of blockchain investing.

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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself " - Henry Ford


George Ionita

Co-Founder & CEO


Bianca Voicu

Co-Founder & Public Relations


Robert Barbu

Graphics Design


Alexandru Bahnean

Cyber Security & Blockchain


Alexandru Constantin

CGI & Animations


Patric Baltag

2D Design and Graphics


Adelin Lita

Community Manager


Claudiu Serb

Web Design

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What is IO Investment Academy?

IO Investment Academy is the first NFT project based on fractional investment which will help retail investors to gain access to private investments from blockchain space.