Access the highest-quality, blockchain investments.

Introducing the first BRC20 DAO that empowers you to invest in seed rounds, early-stage tokens, and projects before they are listed on public markets. The first collective investment will be in Pantera Capital, an institutional asset manager with a global portfolio comprising companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, Polkadot, and more.


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Building Wealth

Investing that Works for Everyone

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran investor, our platform gives everyone access to well-established private investment funds ensuring your investment is diversified, and most importantly, as low-risk and profitable as possible, regardless of your experience in the field.

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Invest with Confidence

Opportunities Vetted by Top Analysts

We pre-vet every investment fund published on our platform for community investment through an external investment advisory firm. Each of these funds has its investment team that analyzes every investment that enters its portfolio, providing you with a double layer of risk reduction.

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Breaking Down Barriers Equal

Opportunity Investing Together

It’s an open secret that private investments have always been a haven for the wealthy due to their high minimum investment requirements. Our platform breaks down these barriers by enabling you to pool your capital with other investors and access institutional-quality investment opportunities, all with a low minimum investment.

First Investment

World's First BRC20 DAO Accessed by Ordinals 1600 Bitcoin Ordinal Passes

To join the platform and access the private high-yield investment opportunities, you will need to own at least one Bitcoin Ordinal from our collection. The Ordinal grant you access to your investment account on the platform. Start investing on equal footing with wealthy investors!

Secure Access to Your Investment Account.

Using Bitcoin Ordinals as your unique access key to your investment account is an innovative feature of our platform, providing a secure and transparent way to manage ownership and your personal assets. This innovative approach allows you to liquidate your entire account with a simple Bitcoin Ordinal sale.

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Leading the Investment Revolution

Dao Recognition

Thriving Collectively

BRC20 Token

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  1. Q1-Q2 2022 | Building the Future of Finance

    Assembling a Team of Industry Experts

    We are bringing together a team of experienced entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and tech specialists with a shared vision of disrupting the traditional financial landscape through decentralized investing.
  2. Q2-Q3 2022 | Unlocking the Power of Decentralized Investing

    Discover the Innovation

    We will be launching a demo version of our platform, offering users a preview of the unique features and capabilities of our technology.
  3. Q4 2022 | Redefining Ordinals

    888 High Graphics 3D Unique Ordinals

    We will be developing a collection of 888 unique, high-graphics 3D Ordinals and the corresponding smart contract infrastructure that will enable them to be used as access keys to the investment platform.
  4. Q1 2023 | Minting Ordinals

    Exclusive Access

    The utility of our Ordinals is matched by their stunning artwork. The Ordinals grants you access to the platform and puts you on the fast track to enjoy the exclusive benefits of membership in our community.

    Innovation Meets Investment

    Securing the capital we need will be the next step for the success and growth of our project. With the support of investors, we can offer our users the best possible experience and push the evolution of the WeB 3.0 space forward.

    Pre-Launch Testing

    As we approach the official launch of our platform, the platform will be subjected to a series of tests to evaluate its various features and functionality, providing us with valuable insights for improvement.
  7. Q2 2023: Official Launch

    First Investment

    Our platform is now live and investors can join, cast their votes, and pool funds for the first collective investment. We plan to make a collective investment every 2 months.

About Our Team

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself " - Henry Ford


Georgian Ionita

Co-Founder & CEO


Bianca Voicu

Co-Founder & Public Relations


Robert Barbu

Brand Identity Manager


Oloma Joshua

Chief Technology Officer


Alex Matei

CGI & Design


Catalin Costache

Strategy Director Marketing


Cristian Lipciuc

B2B Specialist


Claudiu Serb

Lead Grapich Designer

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What is IO Investment Academy?

IO Investment Academy is a decentralized Web 3.0 company that is building the first FoF investment platform to enable everyday investors to access high-yield investment funds from the private market. The platform allows investors to pool their capital and invest together in exclusive hedge funds, venture capital firms, and asset managers.